Hope Pie Mentoring

Mentoring Programs 

Sue Mocker’s style of coaching is to reconcile individuals back to God by helping them grapple with the spiritual part of themselves through a safe and non-judgmental approach.

Do you struggle with?
– God
– Church
– Religion
– Trust
– Love
– Faith-based Communities

Have you experienced:
– Childhood abuse
– Domestic abuse
– Divorce
– Health Issues; PTSD, Chronic Pain, Sleeping Issues, Autoimmune Diseases
– Anxiety and Depression

Are you asking yourself these questions?
– Why don’t I have any close friends?
– Why don’t I get along with my family?
– What am I so angry about?
– Why are there gaps in my childhood memories?
– Why did I stop going to church?
– What did “that” dream mean?
– Why do I feel like a victim?
– Who am I?
– Is there hope?

Make an Appointment for a Complimentary Hope Call
If any of the listed items above resonate with you, Hope Pie Coaching may be the answer for you. To see which program is best for you email Sue@HopeAllowed.com.

Each of the following Hope Pie Programs includes: A copy of the book The Hope Factor by Sue Mocker and pre-scheduled, 1-hour Hope Call with a Hope Consultant per week.

Cherry Pie Program

54, one hour calls in 18 months

Apple Pie Program

27, one hour calls in 9 months

Peach Pie Program 

9, one hour calls in 3 months

What to Expect
Read the book: The Hope Factor by Sue Mocker
Homework: Journaling, reading, pondering questions
Filing out a Questionnaire: Family of origin, your story, contact info
Healing Process: Addressing your specific needs as they arise as the weeks progress. Possible topics we could explore include: forgiveness, emotions, feelings, relational conflict and boundaries.

Make an Appointment for a Complimentary Hope Call to see which program is best for you by contacting us.