True Love

Understanding True Love

What is true love? I began dating the man I would marry at age 15. We got married at age 22 and divorced at age 45. So for 30 years, I thought I knew true love. At the age of thirty I met Jesus. He began to teach me what true love is. I realized that my relationship with the man I dated and married up until age 30 was not really functioning in a state of true love.

I learned a lot about how we didn’t love each other well. Once I began learning about the love of God, I noticed some great changes in how we loved each other and thought that I knew true love. God was taking me on a journey of transformation and I am still on that journey.

A New Beginning

After my divorce in 2008, I went through another healing journey. I was not sure I ever experienced true love, whatever that feels like, in a marriage relationship. After my divorce I began to realize my relationship with my ex-husband was not healthy. I realized I was in an abusive relationship.

At that point in time, I decided if God was ever going to bring another man into my life, my desire and prayer was that he would treat me like a treasure and a pearl. Several months later, a man did come into my life. We began to date. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I began to realize that I wasn’t sure how to feel when he treated me well. It was foreign and I wasn’t comfortable.


As time went on, I began to realize how nice it felt being around this man. When we were at church one Sunday, the pastor was preaching about how Jesus loves us like a treasure and a pearl. To my surprise, Frank leaned over and said, “That is how I want to treat you, like a treasure and a pearl.” Ok, who says that? I was in shock! Is he the one? What a confirmation that God is answering my prayer so specifically.

I realized that day that I would marry this man. A few weeks later he asked me to marry him. I was so excited! How could this happen? I am now married to Frank. He is my true love. I believe God is love. Therefore, He is the one who can show me true love on earth. Frank is my true love. And I am his.

Thank you God for loving me like a treasure and a pearl, speaking those very words through my pastor, having Frank speak them back to me and giving me the confidence that I can know true love. Not only from Frank, but from you too. Now my prayer is that we all know that we are a Treasure and a Pearl.


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