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Who Am I

I remember feeling sad for Rudolph as other reindeer would make fun of his red nose. I also remember the island of misfit toys and how these toys had been left on an island because they were not “right”.

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GratefulNottoBe Alone-HopAllowed

Not Alone

This Thanksgiving season I find myself thinking about the last 6 months of being in the trenches. Growing through something difficult takes time. Working through my past abuse is something I thought I did many years ago. But I am finding that new things come up to the surface that I can choose to deal with or not.

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Gut Feeling

I am learning to listen to my gut. You know, that feeling you get when something isn’t quite right. I have recently become more aware of my gut feeling. I am also becoming more aware of when I dismiss it or only listen to it for a while, but give up on it.

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