Someone to Lean On

My Mom gifted me with a little snowman angel of hope when I was going through my divorce. At the time I didn’t feel I had very much hope but my Mom knew there would be hope in my future relationships so I leaned on her hope.

Since then my Mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My relationship with my Mom is different now that she struggles with her memory. When I call her my expectation isn’t that she remembers every conversation we have, but I focus on enjoying the present conversation.

Feeling Out of Control

With an Alzheimer’s diagnosis there is a ripple effect. My Mom, Dad, siblings and myself are all affected in different ways. I have to remember that I’m not in control and each of us is traveling through this season in their own way.

After a difficult few days around the holidays with my Mom’s condition, my Dad said he went to church and prayed that God would make him a better caregiver. He was leaning on the hope that God gives when we pray.

When I heard my Dad say that he is trying to be a better caregiver, it made me sad he has to go through that struggle. Sometimes I want to swoop in and help in difficult situations so my parents do not have to suffer. However, I’m not in control and it’s not about what I want, it’s what they need. I’m learning ways I can provide hope and encouragement from across the country.

Modeling Hope

It touched me deeply to know my Dad humbled himself before God to ask for help. His actions show strength and courage. When we feel hopeless we can lean on God’s and other’s strength until we find hope again.

It’s comforting when I see the little hope angle and remember my Mom let me lean on her hope. She knew my value didn’t change because I was divorced, and I know her value doesn’t change because she now has Alzheimer’s. Our value never changes; we are always A Treasure and A Pearl.TreasureandaPearly-HopeAllowed

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  1. I want to acknowledge both your parents for doing an amazing job with you!
    You model their values. And you make the world a more hopeful place. Thank you Sue.

    And thank you for sharing HOPE.

    We all need it. And I am grateful to share the planet with change makers like yourself.

    XO, Laura

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