Releasing Emotions

How I Released My Emotions Through Horse Whispering

As I was coming to the end of a four day retreat, I was learning about emotion. This led to my view of the emotion of sadness inside myself and the idea of embracing my tears, something I had refused to do. I was taught through my experience, not to let them fall, for if I did there would be so many questions – Why? During the retreat discovery, something opened up inside me – a space that was available for me to let go and allow the floodgates to open. For me, this time to spend in my feelings of sadness was a gift. I began to acknowledge this in the retreat as I stared out the window at the afternoon sun.

Time alone…

Something began to stir within me and I knew I needed a moment to process. I felt like going outside to have a moment alone with a beautiful view on a sunny day. I sat down on a big rock. And I just started to cry, and as I did, I really acknowledged the depth of some of my feeling, and my sense of loss over things I had experienced. As I was crying, I looked up and there was a horse behind a fence, looking over at me. It was fairly close and stood silently. While I was there crying, I felt it was calling me to it. “Come here, I’ll comfort you.”

Quiet support from my gentle friend

I got up and walked to the horse and we were almost touching but for the fence between us. I didn’t say anything, I just cried. The horse took its nose and nudged me and I cried some more. It seemed to hold me with its presence. Then, I let go, dropping my arms and my head, sobbing now. I thought surely it would walk away turning from my pain. But it didn’t. It just stood there, somehow lifting me, looking at me with those big, beautiful brown eyes.

NonJudgementalFriend-HopeAllowedIt heard me cry, it listened, as if it would stay until I was done. Twice, he lifted his foot and I thought he was going to walk away but he stayed, planting his foot once again. I cried some more, gushing, as I released the pain I had held, letting it leave me.

The horse nudged me again as if to say, I’m here, I’m validating you, I see you. It did not judge me. I cried some more with that horse, a good while, maybe 45 minutes. A floodgate had opened and he stood as my strength. Then something just shifted inside me and said You’re done now.

I lifted my head, and I felt done. Then the horse leaned down to me and licked my leg, as if honoring our real connection. Then, it just walked away.

To have this moment with a non-judgmental listener that would stand by me to help me release that sadness, instead of just being alone, was a magical moment. It wasn’t something that I thought I needed but it was provided.

I lifted my eyes to the horizon and I knew, I’m a Treasure and a Pearl.

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