Personal Value

Running to the Water II

A Lesson in Personal Value

After being baptized, I was just so excited. I felt renewed.

I got back on the road after my baptism, heading home with a stack of my books, The Hope Factor, in my trunk. It was a long journey. I had put some gallons of water in my trunk to carry along with me on the trip.

When I arrived home, I opened my trunk to take out the books and noticed there was a puncture hole in one of the water jugs. Water had leaked all over the trunk and all over my books. I was so angry that my books were ruined. I couldn’t believe they had all been damaged.

My husband suggested to me, “Why don’t we just dry them off?”

I said, “No, who would want to see or receive a damaged book? It’s not new and crisp. Who wants to pay for a book that is damaged?”

I dried them off then stacked them and thought, ‘No one’s going to want them.’

A 2nd baptism…

Then, I had an epiphany. These are my baptism books! These books represent my story about literally going into the water. I decided that the books were in good enough shape that they could be read easily and that I would bring these books wherever I go as an option to purchase. They could purchase either.

As I continued traveling with my book, I discovered that the people who heard the story about the book being baptized wanted the baptized book. When I decided that the book that was waterlogged still had worth, I was able to convey that and they saw.

My husband reminded me that the inside of the book never changed simply because the outside of the book got wet. The words were the same, the message was the same.

TreasureandaPearly-HopeAllowedThe value was in the message.

And our value isn’t in our shell, our value is what’s inside us. And God loves every single molecule inside our bodies, because we are a Treasure and a Pearl to God.

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