Overcoming Self Doubt

Soaring in My Victory Cape

Today I decided to wear my victory cape. I have recently gotten a lot of excitement about some of the things that I think I’m supposed to be doing. And they are big things. Sometimes so big they are scary and I think, Who am I to do those big things?

So today I decided to wear my cape because I need to decide that those things are not too big for me. I feel encouragement in wearing my victory cape because in the end if we work towards our purpose it’s going to turn out as it’s supposed to turn out. If I imagine speaking in front of 10,000 people, that’s what I need to do and I don’t need to worry about it.

If I’m supposed to travel the country in an Airstream Travel Trailer and tell people my message of hope, then I can actually start planning and doing that and it can happen.

I don’t want to think about: “Why would God want me to do that? God wants to use me? How shall I pursue honoring that request?”

I just go do it, because he uses all of his children who are willing to do his work not just the ones who are fully ‘prepared’. He will prepare those who are called. He will provide a means to do it.

So in my cape I decided I am going to soar above the circumstances that I think would hold me down, because I am A Treasure and A Pearl.



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