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Not Alone

Not Alone in the Trenches of Life

This Thanksgiving season I find myself thinking about the last 6 months of being in the trenches.  Growing through something difficult takes time.  Working through my past abuse is something I thought I did many years ago.  But I am finding that new things come up to the surface that I can choose to deal with or not.

I have decided that I want to deal with things.  Hard as it may be, I like the benefits.  In these last few months I have chosen to share this time with people who were willing to be with me in the trenches – to guide me, encourage me as I move through personal healing. I usually would not make a list of names to recognize people for how they have helped me, but I decided I would make a list.

To the wonderful people in my life…

I want to thank Frank, Cassandra, Leslie, Susie, Nicole, Gordon, Jacqueline, Sue, Lindsey, Jackie and Jessica. I know there are others, but these names came to me quickly as I thought about who has been with me, helping me figure out how my story brings hope to others and how to continue to move ahead with my business Hope Allowed. In writing this list, I realize how many people have come alongside me.  I was not left in the trenches doing this work alone.  I had wonderful company.  I am so thankful for how each of these men and women brought light into my world.

Sharing my hope…

Being called to share my story has been more difficult than I thought.  I know that if I would look back to other times in my life the list would be different. There are people in our lives during different seasons.  I am in another season of healing, as I look back and see different healing seasons.  The benefits of the hard work of healing are immeasurable.  One of them is that my family gets to have a healthier wife, mom, sister, daughter, sister-in-law and aunt.  And I get to be a healthier me.  And when that happens, I can share my hope.

God has provided many beautiful gifts in my life.  The one gift I am experiencing lately is that my distorted views my abuse attached to what I understood love to be, are untangling. God continues to teach me that I am a Treasure and A Pearl.

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