Hope Allowed is Closing (at the End of the 2020 Year)

Hope Allowed’s mission is to nurture and uplift women out of pain and into a life of color and connection through education, training and mentoring. Our vision is to nurture and inspire hope and healing.  

When the idea of starting a nonprofit began in my heart, it was a calling. A calling to serve. A calling to do something I had never done, to go outside my comfort zone, to ask for help, to reach out to other women who were called to serve as well. Likeminded women. I am thankful for the two women who were called to roll up their sleeves to start Hope Allowed with me. These women became part of the board for Hope Allowed. We have grown and healed along our own journeys as we served other women along the way.

I am also thankful for a calling to stop. Not to stop serving, as our mission lives in the hearts of each of us on the board. But to stop the nonprofit Hope Allowed. It is finished. It is done. Hope Allowed may be closing its doors as an organization, but we as individuals are not going to stop growing, healing, and reaching out to others who we are called to love, support, share stories, listen, validate, empathize and be thankful for in our lives. 

The year 2020 is almost finished. It is almost done. As of December 31st, Hope Allowed will end as well. Please celebrate with us as our mission to nurture and uplift women out of pain and into a life of color and connection has not ended, but evolved and transformed. I personally plan to live out this mission for the rest of my life. As it is a calling. A calling to sing Hallelujah. When we are called to something, that something can last for a lifetime, our purpose, but the means in which we follow that purpose may ebb and flow. Change. Shift. Grow.  

I believe that is what we are called to do in life…change, shift, and grow. May we all find peace and joy in the coming new year and beyond. 

The board of Hope Allowed is grateful to all of our supporters, donors, volunteers, board members, survivors, educators, partners and individuals who have encouraged us along the way. You are all loved. 

With love and gratitude,

Sue Mocker and the Hope Allowed Board

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