Running to the Water

A choice of healing…

Recently, I attended church with a friend I was visiting in another town. The service was about baptism. I love seeing people get baptized. I love seeing people make that decision so I thought I was going to be an observer. And I thought it was going to be a service that I had heard many times. But as I sat in the pew watching, something started calling out to me.

The pastor began speaking about choices and the choice these people had made in wanting to be baptized. He became reflective, discussing how some had made the choice to become closer to God through this act and how others had not. He seemed to be speaking directly to me.

“What’s keeping you from running to the water? This is your decision, not your husband’s, not your family’s, not your neighbor’s, or your friend’s. What’s keeping you from running to the water?”

Who’s choice is it?

My inner thoughts were rolling along as I debated the question in my mind. ‘I got baptized at 30, I don’t need to be baptized again. I don’t think this is a message for me.’

The pastor continued, talking about the excuses we make for not being baptized. ‘That’s not my problem,’ I told myself. ‘I wanted to run to the water when I was 30 but I wasn’t allowed to run to the water because my husband wanted me to wait and do it with him.’

I looked around at the bright stain glass windows and to my side where my friend sat, and other churchgoers I did not know. I had no one there to tell me what I can and cannot do. Finally, I realized, in this moment I could make this decision for myself.

I felt God calling me. ‘Yeah, you were baptized and you don’t have to do it again but you get to decide.’

I stood up. I decided to run to the water. It was so powerful and so redemptive. And so cleansing.

TreasureandaPearly-HopeAllowedAs I walked to the front. I felt like God was saying, ‘It doesn’t matter why you made those decisions when you were younger. This is a new day. You are loved. And you can be healed. And I love you so much to give you this message, because you are a Treasure and a Pearl.’

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