Family Matters – Bye For Now


As many of you know I’ve been absent from blogging for a few weeks due to Family Matters regarding my Mom and Dad.

Community Support

While in the Midwest, I anticipated being with my parents for a few weeks to help my Dad regain strength following a hospitalization.

I knew caring for them would be challenging as my Dad has been fighting Heart Disease and my Mom has Alzheimer’s disease.

There are so many wonderful stories about how my parent’s tight-knit community and church reached out and supported my Mom and Dad before I arrived and while I was there. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing stories about how God revealed his love during this time.

Bye for Now

Sadly, after one week of visiting and caring for my parents, my Dad had a heart attack and died. Over the last four years or so it seemed as if he had many close calls. However, he always bounced back. Because of his Heart Disease he has had several stents, a pacemaker, and a defibrillator implant all in the effort to keep his heart beating. I think during those times, when he knew his body was failing, he began signing off on the telephone or in-person by saying, “Bye for now.” This signature sign-off was so encouraging and has the undertone of knowing he would see us again in person or if he passes away, in Heaven.

My last serious conversation with my Dad was about their safety. We talked about the transition of having someone help care for them on a full-time basis. He knew his wife, my mom, could not live alone safely and started preparing and learning about options.

Moving to the Great Northwest

We are currently in the process of moving my Mom to live closer to family and helping her through this new season of life to be cared for and loved until she sees my Dad again. There is a peace that overwhelms me during this time of grief because I know I will see my Dad again someday.

Dad, “Bye for now.” You are a Treasure and a Pearl.


Your Daughter, Sue Mocker


6 Replies to “Family Matters – Bye For Now”

  1. Sue so sorry for your loss! But oh what hope we have when a loved one knows the Lord. This separation is temporary. My best friend of 25 years is dying soon. I have been able to lead her to Christ in the last few months we have been together. Knowing where she will be is such a relief and encouragement. I will keep your family and especially your mom in my prayers as you transition her to her new home.


    1. Cindy, thank you so much for your prayers and kind words. I am sorry to hear about your friend dying soon. Thankful for the encouragement that our God gives us as we go through the pain of losing a loved one.

  2. Sue, I’m so sorry to hear this news about your Dad. My prayers are with you and yours. It is such a blessing that you know you will be be seeing him in heaven I will be praying that the move for your Mom goes smoothly and without any problems. I, too will be seeing my parents someday, and that helped me through the grieving process as well. What an awesome God we have!!!

  3. I didn’t knnow about this, so I’m glad to read your blog. My sympathy for you and family during the grief and transitions you are experiencing. It’s not easy. May you always be comforted by the Spirit. Will you be in OP again? Be sure to let me know.

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