Cherished Friendships

My Cherished Friendships…The Recliners

As I ponder about the friendships in my life, I consider a small group of women who have been in my life now for about 9 or 10 years. We met at church. And over time, we became connected in an intimate way. When we started meeting once a week early in the morning with a cup of tea and our bibles, we realized that there were 4 chairs in my friend’s house that reclined so we decided to use these chairs and call ourselves the recliners.

In different seasons of my life, I have connected with different women’s groups, community groups, bible studies, networking groups, and so on. I have noticed that when I am connected to other people in an atmosphere of openness and honesty, the friendships become deep and rich.

Personal connection over time is life giving.

The recliners have been meeting regularly for about 6 years now, on an average of 3 times a month. We have shared life together helping each other through many rough times and celebrated many wonderful times. There is something very special about being vulnerable with trusted friends over a long period of time. We pray for one another and even call to check in. We share revelations that God is showing us and talk about our fears too. The encouragement I have received from this group is invaluable.

Friends believe in you.

I cherish these women and our time together. If I ever have a thought in my head that I am alone, or Who will ever understand me, or Who will listen to my story, I always know these friends are there for me. Thank you Christine, Patty, and Wendy for your friendship. I love you all! We are all a treasure and a pearl.

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