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The Truth Is Not Delicate #7 – Disrespect

In the series called The Truth Is Not Delicate I describe a list of unhealthy thoughts and/or behaviors about what I may have taught my daughters as they grew up in a home with a young mom (me) involved in an abusive marriage and who was just discovering that she was sexually abused as a child. Last week, number six in this series was making excuses for my spouse’s poor behavior to protect him is not ok. This week number seven in the series is: allowing my spouse to treat me disrespectfully is not ok.

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Last week, the subject of number five in the blog series The Truth Is Not Delicate was teaching my daughters that it’s not ok to cry, is not ok. This week I have decided to take a break from the list to let you know what my God revealed to me. You can expect me to get back on track with blog number six next week.

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