Be a Friend to Yourself

A Melody of Hope

Recently I heard a beautiful song about being kind to yourself. We give away what we have to give.  If we have love for ourselves, we have love to give away. If we are kind to ourselves, we have kindness to give away.

Deepening Self-Love

Do I believe I am worthy of love and kindness? If not, why would I be kind and loving to myself? It is easy to say things to myself about how I am not worthy or other belittling comments. I am still untangling the lies I believed about myself as a child of abuse. It is worth the time to reflect how my current behaviors are shaped by my abuse.

Taking Negative Thoughts Captive

I am changing and growing! I am loving and being kind to myself more and more. I am able to catch the destructive thoughts about myself and take them captive. I am working on receiving love from God and believing the truth that I am loved no matter what I do. I am a Treasure and a Pearl.

You are loved, you are brave, and you are a Treasure and a Pearl.

I invite you to listen to the song by Andrew Peterson, “Be Kind to Yourself.”


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