Hope Allowed

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Hope Allowed is a passionate business designed to help women permanently break the cycle of abuse by untangling distorted views abused attached to love.

Sue Mocker, Hope Consultant

Sue Mocker is an author, a professional speaker, and a hope consultant. She has been an inspirational speaker and teacher across the country for over thirty years. Sue is intimately engaged within the spheres of healthcare, ministry, leadership, education, and business that involve matters of the heart. Her humorous and touching stories are as satisfying as homemade apple pie because they help people to peel away the crusts in their lives to reveal the fruits that lie within. Her vulnerability and authenticity help convey her message of Hope and inspire people to make transformational changes. She desires for people to Have Optimism & Passion Every Day (H.O.P.E.).

Sue is married with two grown children and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Meeting Planners, download this printable version of Sue’s Keynote Speaker One Sheet