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Grief overDivorce-HopeAllowed

Grieving Process

This is my anniversary month of signing my divorce papers. Every year I seem to get sad around this time. I don’t want to keep being sad around this anniversary. This year I realize that maybe I haven’t grieved the death of this marriage completely.

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Overcoming Self Doubt

Today I decided to wear my victory cape. I have recently gotten a lot of excitement about some of the things that I think I’m supposed to be doing. And they are big things. Sometimes so big they are scary and I think, Who am I to do those big things?

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Abuse Denial

Denial. I don’t want to think that I am still in it. That I can’t or won’t see the reality of something that happened. If I tell my story, am I afraid people won’t hear, won’t see, won’t understand? Are they in denial too?

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Personal Value

When I arrived home, I opened my trunk to take out the books and noticed there was a puncture hole in one of the water jugs. Water had leaked all over the trunk and all over my books. I was so angry that my books were ruined. I couldn’t believe they had all been damaged.

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